Nuisance from birds and other wild animals can be very annoying. Bird nuisance is not only a matter for agricultural companies, but is much more widespread. For instance, there is bird nuisance at public and military airports. Further, there is nuisance from seagulls along the coast and the terraces. Nesting pigeons and jackdaws again cause a nuisance on construction sites, companies and industrial estates. Nuisance caused by birds is therefore a broad term. It consumes a lot of time and money to reduce or even prevent this nuisance. Reducing bird nuisance goes much further than just placing a scarecrow. With the advanced bird repelling products from KETROP, nuisance from birds and other wild animals is quickly a thing of the past.

The 7 most common places of bird nuisance

  • Agricultural companies
  • Industrial estates
  • Construction sites
  • Airports
  • Terraces of hotels, cafes and restaurants
  • Events
  • Tourist hotspots

Professional bird repelling solutions

KETROP’s products are known as the number 1 brand in Europe when it comes to professional bird repellents and scarecrows. Our products are aimed at repelling birds and other wild animals in an animal-friendly way. KETROP’s specialists have more than 20 years of practical experience in repelling birds and other wild animals such as mice and rats. KETROP products have been designed and developed on the basis of those years of practical experience. All KETROP products therefore meet the highest standards and are helping companies, institutions and individuals all over the world to combat bird nuisance and nuisance from other wild animals in an animal-friendly way.

Ketrop’s bird scarers

KETROP’s product developers have divided the ways in which birds can be repelled into a number of product categories. The possibilities that KETROP offers vary from simple scarecrows to advanced solutions with which birds are deterred with a laser.

  • Wind driven bird scarers
  • Repelling birds with lifelike imitations
  • Repelling birds with light
  • Repelling birds with sound
  • Repelling birds with lasers

The experts at KETROP work hard every day to improve and develop the products even further. Innovation is one of the pillars on which KETROP relies. Exemplarily are the various LaserOp devices that can scare away different bird species with a laser. In particular, the way in which these laser-controlled bird deterrents can be set up without connecting an external computer is known as innovative and groundbreaking.

KETROP dealers

KETROP’s products are unique and have become worldwide indispensable at many airports, industrial estates and tourist attractions if one is serious about the animal-friendly repelling of birds and other wild animals. KETROP products are sold throughout Europe by carefully selected dealers. If you would like more information about the application and use of KETROP products within your company, please contact our specialists.

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